Rank Names, Perks, and Prices

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Rank Names, Perks, and Prices

Post by Admin on Mon Jan 04, 2016 3:21 am

Leather (3.50)
- Iron Protection II on Chest/Leggings.
- Sharpness II Iron Sword.
Leather+ (5.00)
- Iron Protection II Full Armor
- Sharp II and Fire Aspect I Iron Sword.

Iron (10.00)
- Iron Protection II, Thorns I Full.
- Sharp III Iron Sword

Gold (15.00)
- Iron Protection III
- Sharp III, Fire Aspect II Iron Sword
Gold+ (25.00)
- Diamond Protection II
- Sharp IV Sword Iron

Diamond (30.00)
- Diamond Protection III.
- Sharp II Diamond
Diamond+ (50.00)
- Diamond Protection IV.
- Sharp IV Diamond


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